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Reliable packaging solutions from a single source.

Packing and transporting is something of an art. For whether it's rigid, angular, sharp or heavy, we have the products that solve the task. It is necessary to think outside and inside the box. And it requires the box. You can rely on our packing products throughout the process, from packaging to transportation. From corrugated board and boxes, packing tape and sealing to stretch film and pallet fixing. From sending boxes across the street to a special packaging solution for car parts transportation to Asia. We simply have everything around the pallet and even the pallet if you need it.

Some smart choices from our standard range:

  • Pallet-made drawers for a good transport economy
  • Light pallets that facilitate an easy pallet handling
  • Colored stretch film that conceals theft-proof goods

Discover the full assortment of products for industrial packaging in the SCALDIA e-Shop.

Polish your packing process

We can help you review the whole or come up with details that develop your packing process. Even small adjustments can mean major improvements in the working environment. We analyse the solution you have today and provide improvement suggestions that protect your goods and save backs, time and resources. Because we look at the entire packing process, we can help you see the whole. And think outside the box.