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Good protection gear should be functional and must not hinder

Fit, feel and quality are crucial when choosing protective equipment. In other words: Good protection should be functional and must not hinder. And don't forget: Protective equipment supports not only yourself, but also others.

To protect or protect, that's the question? With gloves, aprons and other protective equipment, it's simply safer at work, for both people and the environment. Most importantly, the protection fits the task like the hand in the glove. Choose gloves with fingertips for petty jobs. They will breathe and be comfortable to use for a long time. Synthetic fibres provide smoother, stronger gloves with a high and even quality. We offer a wide range of disposable protection from top to toe, making it easier for you to find the right protection for your task: In the SCALDIA e-Shop you will find a chapter full of products that protect, help and support everyday life.


Education before order

Safety in the workplace is an important issue for many companies. SCALDIA offers a wide range of products that prevents injuries from falling accidents. To complement this, SCALDIA also offers risk analyses and education to customers, in order to help them make the correct choices when it comes to safety equipment.