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Office paper: We help you make sure that the correct copy paper is always on the shelf.

Do you remember all the nonsense about the paperless office? Instead of less, it became more. Paper remains something where thoughts, ideas and information are spread and preserved. Try to imagine a company without office paper. Difficult. Imagine a company that likes different kinds of exciting paper and envelopes. 

Fortunately, SCALDIA supplies a complete range of modern office papers, offering enhanced results and professional-quality printouts and presentations. You can also count on a wide choice of papers for digital printing.

Brands of our office paper assortment

By buying the brands of our office paper assortment, customers get more than just the paper: They get the commitment of us and our people. Major office paper brands in the SCALDIA product assortment include Sky┬«, Multicopy, Balance┬«, Rainbow┬«, Recy┬« and Opti┬«.

Discover the SCALDIA assortment of office paper in the SCALDIA e-Shop.