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It is during the break when it happens ...

That's when Newton got an apple in his head and Archimedes came to the bathroom. The breakers give birth to great thoughts and breakthroughs. We think it is worth an assortment of products that will allow you to relax and enjoy. Then make an even better job.

With us you will find everything around the billboard. And much more for both the big kitchen and the little lunch room. Practical holders that prevent the napkins from ending on the floor are an example. But we also have napkins that can be folded according to all the rules of art. Coffee mugs, take-away cooking, cooking and storage, and in short all the disposable materials you need to make every day work easier. You can find our entire assortment in the SCALDIA e-Shop.

Environmentally friendly assortment

Sustainability is an important aspect of all operations, including product development. SCALDIA offers a wide range of products made of environmental friendly materials such as natural fibres made of sugarcane, wheat, grass, palm leaf, bamboo and birch. Coffee cups can, for example, be produced with a PLA coating (made of starch). The products are all easy to find in our e-Shop.