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Committed to environment and sustainability

We offer the products and service level that best meet our customers’ needs in terms of functional, qualitative and sustainable considerations. The product range is constantly adjusted to ensure the best buying options for our customers. In addition, we have strict environmental policies and criteria for selecting suppliers and products.

With a company-wide environmental strategy, we set standards in a sustainable interaction with nature. Through constant improvements we strive to minimise and prevent a negative impact on the environment and we address sustainability throughout our value chain. We also expect our suppliers and partners to comply with our policies and principles related to our sustainability agenda and we demand our suppliers to ensure that raw material, products and services provided comply with environmental legislations.

Sustainability: an integral part of our business.

Through close and developing cooperation with selected suppliers, our and our customers' requirements are met. Having a good knowledge of how environmental issues affect our customers and suppliers we create added value in our business relationships, as well as reducing resource and energy consumption. We continuously work to develop and improve our employees' skills and make use of their commitment. Adhering to relevant legislation, regulations and other requirements is a matter of course in our business.