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SCALDIA in brief

With a highly competent team, SCALDIA supports retailers and resellers with a full and growing range of products, including cleaning, hygiene and packaging materials, personal protection and safety equipment, foodservice disposables and a full range of office papers. By employing SCALDIA’s reliable solutions, retail chains and resellers can provide high availability of a wide range of products while reducing their cost, improve their asset utilisation and ensure that they have an efficient supply of products their customers require.

Working with SCALDIA as a single source provides business value since a wide range of products from well-established brands and manufacturers offers advantages such as:

  • Reduction of suppliers to a minimum
  • Meeting requirements on function, quality and sustainability
  • Simplified administration
  • Reduced working capital
  • Store concepts and advertising for product expose
  • Product trainings and education
  • Efficient distribution of goods not-for-sale

SCALDIA’s main customer groups are retail chains, packaging resellers, office supplies outlets and wholesalers. SCALDIA is part of OptiGroup’s business segment Retail & Reseller Solutions –

Broadening the product range and services to retail chains and resellers

In late 2017, the brand SCALDIA was successfully introduced in Sweden and Denmark with a new web-ordering platform in order to accelerate the development of the resellers and retailer customer segment. SCALDIA’s vision is to become the obvious choice for resellers and other partners who want to streamline and strengthen their own offering and competitiveness. SCALDIA is currently active in six  European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg .