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Easily accessible and effective hygiene solutions

It's seldom applauded because the job is done. To wash towels and soap. There are times when the paper cannot end. And there are times when the paper absolutely must not end. Then donate it - as filled with gratitude, next time you visit.

"Better paper" in smart brackets is a wise combination that reduces consumption, that is more comfortable to use and better for the environment. In addition, it gives both clean and dry hands! Modern drying paper with higher absorption capacity gives almost the same beautiful feeling as a linen or terry towel. The difference is that you take a fresh and fresh each time. We will help you to find an optimal solution for your needs.

Wiping and cleaning

It is not uncommon to roll in the same old wheel track. Without thinking about new, better ways. Do you have the same type of rags or dry-paper as ten years ago? We can promise that there are new better options. Wipes that have a consistent and guaranteed quality, that are sheltered in smart dispensers and save mountains of fabrics. Ask us for new ways to ease work and improve results.


Towels, tissues, wipers and dispensers

The conditions for care and care vary. It is easy to keep high hygiene in an emergency room, but more difficult in someone's home or in a retirement home. Therefore, it is extra important to have easily accessible and effective hygiene solutions.

Discover the full assortment of cleaning & Hygiene supplies, in the SCALDIA e-Shop:

  • Cleaning items
  • Bags and sacks
  • Towels, tissues, wipers and dispensers
  • Skin care products